Never rains but it pours…. (58 days to go)

Back to work after a brilliant if slightly soggy weekend in Belgium, the day started pretty much as normal… almost slept in, ran around cleaning my teeth, brushing my hair and finishing my most important cup of tea.

It is raining hard.

Like I said my day started off normally and continued that way until I reached another Community Centre in the afternoon- its had been raining really hard.


I left work taking a totally different road home the driest, apparently, only three areas of road submerged, as I am almost home, only one hill to climb and potentially float down, my engine lights starts to flash, I pull over, phone home, coast down the hill my dad says…. Me and my car arrive juddering, struggle to reverse park outside my house, phew!

Now I need to wait for it to dry out, if that will ever happen with our monsoon Summer.

I notice a phone call on my mobile, from an unknown number. My mum says Trailfinders have been trying to phone you, you need to call them back… My India tour has been cancelled!

My job tonight was to complete my visa application for India, now I need to ‘sit and wait’ to see if something else can be arranged… I am not good at waiting.