Highs and Lows

It is about time I wrote another blog, I am sorry I have been so slow, I have been off having exciting adventures, so exciting they need two blog posts to fit it all in.

First one… Highs and Lows                       

As I am an optimist I will share my lows first to get them out of the way and make sure everyone is concentrating on the positives.

First low not in chronological order, I lost my camera! I know, what an idiot. I was on the Magic Bus took a few photos at Lake Wanaka, looked at the photos back on the bus and then I have no memory of my camera.  I have checked the bus, the hostel and even been to the Police station to see if it’s been handed in but no joy. Not many photos lost thank goodness.

Second low, all dressed and ready to go for Franz Josef’s Ice Explorer Experience, helicopter ride and walking on the glacier, crawling through tunnels, climbing on steps cut out of the ice by ‘Ice Monkeys’, however, it started to rain, and our trip was CANCELLED! Gutted, especially as it only rained for 30 minutes but it was still cancelled. The weather was due to get worse for the rest of the week so it wasn’t worth staying. Plus on the positive side I had met really good people from the first day driving to Nelson and they were moving on, so I decided to stay with the group. I am so glad I did.


As I am sure many of you know I was rather nervous about going travelling partly because I was worried I wouldn’t make any friends, but that hasn’t been the case, thank goodness! It would be my advice to anyone, big smile on your face and just try talking because everyone is in the same position. I am a big fan of the YHA because I feel they have really well planned out hostels, with comfy sitting space, clean rooms and bathrooms and a really good mix of generally like-minded people. When we arrived in Wanaka, people from the Magic bus all sat together to eat pizza and drink wine, it was fab! We chatted, we laughed, met new friends and one of the best things, no ‘peer pressure’ you could stay or go, drink or not drink, you could just be yourself. I have made some really good friends and I hope we meet in Barcelona, like we planned next year!

Second big high, the first is the most important but this one is cool.

I went Paragliding of Coronet Peak, 2500m up in the air, sitting in a really comfy chair, looking to snow capped mountains, glassy lakes, rolling hills, flying above 3 hawks, it was just breathe taking. I couldn’t stop smiling even though my teeth got cold, so high up!

My brother and his wife suggested that I go paragliding and so when the sheet came round on the bus is signed immediately, not really thinking about what I was doing. My friend offered to join me to take photos, I am so glad she did. While we were driving to Coronet Peak I was happily chatting to the other people in the bus, who happened to be instructors not novices like me, anyway I was fine until we started to climb the hill, my palms started to sweat and I went very quiet, not like me. We stopped in a car park/ edge of cliff and my instructor got me ready- ‘start walking when I say’ he said, ‘don’t stop until I say so’ he said, ‘easy’ I thought. We started walking and before I knew it he was telling me to stop and sit in my seat. It wasn’t the slightest bit scary, it was graceful and beautiful. The flight lasted 15/20 minutes and we did a little bit of acrobatics which was really fun, but me squealing stopped me from buying the DVD, just saved money Dad!

Third big high is going to ‘number 1 (attraction) not to be missed’ Milford Sound cruise. Now I am sure that you would hope to see this stunning, world renowned Fiord on a sunny day, however it rains for about 200 days of the year so you just have to make the most of it. It was so easy to do this. The rain creates fabulous waterfalls that land in the fiord like a white net curtain, splashing on the water, or they gust out and you see one actually starting. The landscape was hidden by the mist but as you got closer you could see it so clearly and it was really exciting because you appreciated each section as you passed rather than racing ahead to see more and more.

More highs to come in the next installment!


(I have tried to publish this blog for about 5 days and I am trying it without photos to see if it works. I shall post photos later)