The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

So you might have gathered that Diem is now travelling with me and we have been so busy exploring,I am very far behind with my blog posts.

Diem and I had planned to drive along the Great Ocean Road in a campervan, take a few days and just enjoy the relaxed experience, sadly this was not the case, campervans were way too expensive and cost even more if you wanted to only go one way. The budget won the fight so we decided to take a tour bus along the Great Ocean Road in just one day leaving from Melbourne.

We drove in a not very sunny Melbourne and through Victoria, with the sun still hiding behind the clouds, don’t worry the bus driver said, it’s always the opposite on “the road”, fingers crossed! As soon as we joined the road, the bus driver said, we don’t often see kangaroos but we might because it’s a bit dull and sure enough we saw kangaroos, our first lot, woo hoo!

Great Ocean Road 047


Admittedly this photo doesn’t exactly show them in the best light but I promise they are kangaroos.

So we carried on to a beach for morning tea, I do love a cup of tea beside the beach. Then as we piled into the bus, the gears grinding and not sounding very healthy we carried on along “the Road”, until we reached a hill and the bus just kept rolling backwards, oh dear, we’ve broken down.

“not to worry I said, we’ve got more time for the sun to come out now”

We walked to another beach, had a paddle in the warm water and watch a paraglider take flight off a cliff.

Great Ocean Road 071


As you can see it really is a bit grey and well let’s face it, Scotland like.

Back on the road with a new bus after an hour and a half of waiting we travelled along the sweeping, cliff hugging road. We stopped for lunch in somewhere that wasn’t very spectacular or memorable, sorry, where ever it was. The best was still to come, the famous and iconic 12 Apostles of which there have never been 12 living memory but still.

Great Ocean Road 105

These massive sandstone formations can just crumble at any time and can reform so what I was looking at may be totally different when you go.

Great Ocean Road 133


As you can see the sun decided to join us.

Oh I can’t believe I forgot to mention, on the way to lunch we saw koalas!! They are so cute and just lovely, I’d like to have one as a pet, please Santa 🙂

Great Ocean Road 085

but maybe I will have to make do with this one.

Great Ocean Road 097

So back to where we were, 12 Apostles, we drove off to another beautiful spot Loch Ard Gorge

Great Ocean Road 153


This picture perfect spot is the scene of a tragedy and story of survival all rolled into one. Apparently a boat sank as it was coming into to shore killing almost everyone on board. One girl survived by clinging on to the wreckage while the rest of her family drowned. One of the young crew managed to rescue the girl and they washed up on the shore of Loch Ard Gorge. The news papers got hold of this story and the public wanted the couple to marry but the young girl unable to cope with the loss of her family returned back overseas to stay close to her remaining brother. Such a beautiful place but the ocean is wild and dangerous when it wants to be.

Next stop London Bridge

Great Ocean Road 173


Remember that I said these sandstone formations have a habit of disappearing well this is exactly what happened to the piece joined to the land. One day day in the early morning two people were out walking and catching the sun rise. While they were on the bit furthest out to sea the other piece collapsed leaving them stranded. This was the time before mobile phones so the poor people had to wait hours before they were rescued by helicopter. Rumour has it that the the couple were actually having an affair and this “accident” caused the secret to be exposed.

While we were standing enjoying the warm evening sun we saw something else really magical and something I think I will always get excited about, a penguin came to shore.

Great Ocean Road 180


As the sun started to set it was time to head back to Melbourne and our Great Ocean Road adventure was over.