South Australia and Visiting Family

Back in October 2011, my second cousins son, Daniel, came to visit us in Scotland from Australia. He was interested in meeting his family. So we took a trip to Stirling Castle, Edinburgh Castle and the pub, what more depicts Scotland?! So when I was planning my trip to Australia I felt I should meet my rellies on the other side of the world.

Daniel lives in Adelaide and his mum, Jan lives a few suburbs away. We jumped on a 10 hour train from Melbourne to Adelaide, with a 30 minute time difference, who knew?!

Victor Harbour, SA (5)

We stayed with Jan and her partner Paul in their lovely house- air conditioned, right next to the beach and a fully stocked fridge- again it was hard to go back to hostels. As soon as I met Jan, I felt like I was with family, something reminded me of my grandma and I felt close to her. I had been feeling a bit homesick in Australia recently but with her and Paul, I felt right a home and those feelings disappeared.

The first day we took a drive to Victor Harbour in the glorious sunshine. We walked around Granit Island, watched the horses pull the tram along the pier and hunted for penguins. We had a picnic by the beach at Cutlery Bay, named after a shipwreck where cutlery was washed up, Australian’s like simple names.

Victor Harbour, SA (2) Victor Harbour, SA (12)

Diem was very interested in the fearsome animals that Australia has to offer so Paul regaled us with stories from his time motorcycling around Australia. The talk centred around spiders and snakes. Later on Diem and I went for a walk up the Bluff to get a good view of Victor Harbour and the coastline. Guess what we saw… a snake just chilling up at the top of the hill. I nearly stepped on him, fortunately Diem spotted him. We were very careful to quickly take our pictures, he decided to move off into a bush and we walked down the hill. We met a young family on our way and we told them about the snake, actually having no idea what kind it was, I was hoping it was a grass snake.

Victor Harbour, SA (23)


Getting back into the car

“guess what we saw?!” We showed Jan and Paul the picture, turns out it was a Brown Snake one of the most dangerous and deadly snakes in Australia, apparently one full dose of venom can kill 50 adults, thank goodness I didn’t stand on him.

We drove home in search of more kangaroos and thinking about how lucky we had been- a) to see the snake and b) to not have been bitten. We saw a large pack of roos just hanging out in a field.

Victor Harbour, SA (40) Victor Harbour, SA (37)

Next day, Diem and I headed off to Adelaide City, it was a really hot day 38 degrees and we trudged along the streets looking for something of interest- there isn’t much to be honest, it was like any other city. We did enjoy a lovely lunch at the food market and liked the museum.

To me I feel the really charm of South Australia and Adelaide is the surrounding countryside and the delicious South Australian wine, it only seemed right that we took a trip to The Barossa Valley. We drove and tasted lots of wines- even sparkling red wine! It was really pleasant and refreshing. If I could carry something else I would bring some home, sadly have to settle with importing.

Barossa Valley 007 Barossa Valley 009

The following day was Saturday 26th January- Australia Day or as the Aborigonal people call it “Invasion Day” the day European People came to “discover” Australia. I didn’t  really feel happy about this thought, not something I’d really like to celebrate, but it is actually Daniel’s birthday so we went and had a BBQ with him and his friends. Everyone was really welcoming and friendly.

I’m jumping forward a few days but when we stayed with my dad’s other cousin in Queensland, the family connection was there again, which was brilliant. I even had a phone conversation with another cousin and felt it there. It has really helped me while travelling to have nice places to stay but to also have actual family on the other side of the world.