Fraser Island

A little adventure I forgot to mention while with Diem was our trip to Fraser Island, Queensland.

While planning our trip in New Zealand, I saw that Fraser Island was the number 1 thing not to miss in Australia, well that sounded good to me, also as Queensland has their wet season during the Summer but Fraser Island was far enough South that it wouldn’t be as wet as up north, so I thought in New Zealand. Little did I imagine that while we were in Alice Springs we would be watching the news about Cylone Oswald hitting Brisbane and around. I called the tour operator 5 days before we were due to go “oh it will be fine by then, it will have passed.” I was shocked because it looked so dreadful but they weren’t worried so I carried on thinking about the immediate adventure of The Rock Tour.

Luckily enough the storm had passed by the time we got there and we enjoy more constant sunshine. I have been really lucky with weather while in Australia- Alice Spring much cooler, Queensland not having an overly wet season (where I have been) and lots of continuous sunshine, which after 3 months you begin to get bored of.

We were staying in Noosa and drove along country roads, in our 4×4 with a group of 6 other people, watching for pelicans and kangaroos, we saw both, but not together. We got a roll on roll off barge from from Rainbow Beach to Fraser Island


The is the view of raser Island with storm debris.

We drove along the beach which apparently is the longest strech on continuous beach in the world

Fraser Island (6) Fraser Island (9)

After 90 Mile Beach in New Zealand driving in a bus, a 4×4 driving through fresh water dodging the waves, was very exciting.

We stopped for a swim in a fresh water stream that runs into the ocean called Eli Creek. It’s brilliant the current carries you down and it’s a lovely refreshing experience. Dodging bits of drift wood and tree branches adds to the adventure.

Fraser Island (19) Fraser Island (21)

After our dip in the creek bobbing towards the ocean we got back into the 4×4 to drive to Indian Heads look out, it was beautiful.

Fraser Island (30) Fraser Island (41)

Apparently this is a place to spot Tiger Sharks. I am not sure if I am thinking fortunately or unfortunately but we didn’t see one.

On the other side of the look out along the the stretch of beach we drove to the Champagne Pools. These pools are rock pools sheltered behand a wall of rocks, so when a big wave crashes over the wall, the Champagne Pools fill with the waves and the fresh water constantly in the pools mix with the salt water and bubble to look like Champagne. It’s a great sensation and feels really good because the ocean water is actually warm!!

This is where our adventure took a bit of a dramatic turn. Diem and I thought that we would like to move pools to join our guide and another member of our group. As we got into the pool the guide said, if a big wave comes, dive under. Just as he finished his sentence a giant wave came crashing, we dived.

Apparently we didn’t go deep enough or something, I don’t know, but poor Diem was pushed against the edge of the pool and a large part of his tummy was cut from the oysters living on the rock. I, on the other hand, am as light as a feather so got lifted up and pulled across the rocks with the wave. I had no idea which direction I was going and I was certain I would bash my head and need another $990 ambulance. I was very lucky, no rocks hit my head and I only had 2 scratches one on my leg and one on my hand. Poor Diem was very worried and called out. The guide was shocked and looked at bit panicked which kind of made me panic, but I wasn’t too far away and the guide came to get me and held my hand to clamber over the rocks I’d be swept over.

We survived the Champagne Pools and are happy to tell the tale.

After all that excitement we drove back along the beach to a shipwreck, which was really cool. I don’t think I’ve been as up close with one. I liked watching the waves crash through the port holes and come pouring out the other side.

Fraser Island (66) Fraser Island (75)

On the drive back to our hostel for the evening on the island, we saw this little Dingo, Rufus.

Fraser Island (80)

On the second day on the island we went off roading into the rain forest and swam in a couple of fresh water lakes.

Fraser Island (100)

Lake McKenzie

Fraser Island (107)

Base Lake. On the walk through the rain forest away from this lake Diem and I spotted a Golden Orb Spider in it’s web

Fraser Island (114)

We then chased the waves back along the beach to the barge to head back to Noosa.

Fraser Island (119)

We really enjoyed Fraser Island, had fun with the people we met and survived to tell the tale of the Champagne Pools.