Kama Sutra Temples- some people were disappointed by the lack of sauciness

After the no Tiger Safari we were on to Kajuraho, where the Kama Sutra Temples are. I just assumed that the Kama Sutra bit would be inside the temple so the fact that they were actually carved on the outside was a surprise – also all the tacky keyrings of people having sex in different positions made me laugh but blush also.  This town  was small and exceptionally touristy. Opposite our hotel were two Italian restaurants right next door to each other and about 3 shops selling ‘Ali Baba pants’ which of course I succumbed to, buying two pairs and loving the bright garish colours. They’re now great for lounging around the house, but not sure if Burntisland is ready for them yet!

While out for a walk our guide advised us that a lot of these shops employ touts who will greet you on the street and try to take you to their specific shop where they will then get a cut of whatever you buy. So I was on the look out, but I thought these two boys were just being friendly when they asked which tour company I was with and which hotel I was staying at… luckily lovely Lea stepped in and lied appropriately.

The next morning again up early – but this time for some morning yoga. Standing on a roof top being told I was unable to touch my toes because of my big tummy was not exactly how I wanted to spend my morning but it was an experience. Not even the ‘Delhi belly’ diet was working for me…

After a free morning we went for lunch to the house of a local family. The father of the family was a painter who specialised in miniatures and very detailed painting, usually on silk. His house was very interesting and my first sample of what Indian houses are like. Unlike UK houses they seem to be set over a court yard and the passages to get to rooms are often outside.  In dry hot weather this isn’t a problem! The families are traditional and it’s usually the wife doing all the cooking while the man entertained. We sat in his living room/bedroom all 13 of us, filling the room entirely and he ran between the kitchen and us serving delicious fresh food.

Family visit in Khajuraho

Being a traditional Indian home the host did not eat with us, he wanted to serve his guests first and he would eat what was left. Being a social eater and love talking about food, I didn’t like eating while someone else was just watching. After lunch our host gave us a beautiful painting of an elephant painted by one of his apprentices.


I was so touched and I love elephants especially because  a few days later I saw an elephant by the side of the road dressed like this. But my camera was somewhere in my bag away from me so I missed it. I have this momento instead!

After lunch we went to the Kama Sutra Temples some of the group members were excited about the sauciness, I was hoping I wouldn’t blush any more. I was lucky because they weren’t as obvious as I expected, which did disappoint some.

Karma Sutra Temples 002

From the outside and the sky looks thick with rain, it was for about 2 minutes then it was bone dry again.

Karma Sutra Temples 018



I wasn’t that enchanted with them and became much more interested in the chipmunk that came to visit

Karma Sutra Temples 020


I didn’t really like Kajuraho as a place, too touristy, too much pressure to buy from people’s shops- I actually had to run away from one man, literally, nearly broke a sweat, I had to run so far, he eventually understood. But now I can say I have been and on my trip back to India, I know to avoid it.