1400 miles from home

As most of you probably know, I was nervous about my first long haul flight. Me ‘What if I stand up and the floor opens out beneath me?’ Emma ‘You would be fine,… Continue reading

Why Thank you Eurostar

After a fab weekend in London, Olympics of course, catching up with old friends and spending some quality time with my brother and sister-in-law, I was heading onto my next adventure, my first… Continue reading

London 2012 ‘Olympicking’– It’s not just the winning, it’s the taking part

As someone living 339 miles away from the Olympics I felt a little bit removed from the whole event. While staying in Inverness for Rockness the Olympic Torch passed through and a concert… Continue reading

Never rains but it pours…. (58 days to go)

Back to work after a brilliant if slightly soggy weekend in Belgium, the day started pretty much as normal… almost slept in, ran around cleaning my teeth, brushing my hair and finishing my… Continue reading

The packing begins…

83 days to go… When I brought my beautiful, practical and grey :-s rucksack home, the first thing my dad said was “It looks a bit small” Uh ho, I thought this isn’t… Continue reading

Hello world!

This is my blog to share my experiences, adventures, learning curves and happy memories of ‘My Massive Jolly’ on a two year career break from my work.